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Ronnie Short is the creator of Angels Paving and Sealing Inc.The company is named after his daughter and represents his dream to own, operate and grow a viable business. Ronnie has over a decade of experience in installing,repairing and refinishing asphalt driveways and parking lots Angels Paving and Sealing,Inc. provides high quality,cost competitive asphalt paving services to the residential and commercial building community including:

Repairing existing asphalt, Removing and hauling existing damaged asphalt, Preparing subsurface, Installing new asphalt, Sealing asphalt, Repainting painted marking, Installing new asphalt, Site preparation,including grading and hauling, Preparing subsurface, Installing asphalt, Sealing asphalt, Painting required marking, Sealing existing asphalt surfaces, Cleaning existing asphalt Applying high quality sealer.

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